Help wanted

Due to a lack of resources this website and the Barbados race calendar will no longer be updated on a regular basis.

Ufukuzo is looking for someone to update the website and Facebook page on a regular basis.
The 'job' involves not only the actual typing of the updates, but also collecting race information, both before and after any races.
In total, I (Ralf) would estimate that this has taken me an average of 4 to 6 hours per week. Some periods are busier than others.
On FB, it is a matter of writing 3 or 4 posts per week and responding promptly to any enquiries.
For the website, it involves some basic understanding of how Google Apps works, including Google Sites and Drive (Sheets in particular). There is no special IT knowledge required and there is plenty of online help available.
About half of the time is required to find out about upcoming races, get contact, route and registration information from race organizers, and then, after the event, chase the race results. This non-website/non-FB related activity requires some co-ordination with Eric Clarke and me, to ensure that only events that meet minimum standards are promoted (or the difference in standards is clearly spelled out).
Please email, if you have any interest in helping to promote running in Barbados.

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