Ufukuzo Endurance Half Marathon


Monday April 28, 2014, starting at 4:00am


This Half Marathon starts and finishes at sea level but the first 4.3 Km will take the runner to an altitude of 330 m (1083 ft.) above sea level (at the summit of Horse Hill). For this reason, some may rate the race as bordering on "extreme sport". Hence we have decided not to bill it as a public event but one which persons may attempt if they can supply proof of having taken part in a at least a public half marathon (with publish results) finished in less than two hours in the 12-month period leading up to the race AND has now in progress a steep-hill run training programme.


This event commemorates the 15th anniversary of the first Ufukuzo organised long run (22 Km) on 28th April, 1999. Mark Greenidge finished first in a half marathon equivalent time of 1:29:10 which we will use as the male course record.


From a start outside of the NCC Park, Bathsheba, St. Joseph, the race proceeds along the northbound section on the Bathsheba coast road to Hillswick, Joes River, Horse Hill, Blackmans, Parris Hill, Andrews Factory, Groves Corner, Market Hill, Belair, Locust Hall, Bourne's Village, Lower Estate, Hothersal Turning, Waterford Bottom, Station Hill, Hindsbury Road, James Tudor Roundabout, Halls Road, Martindales Road, RIVER Road, Probyn Street (Fire Service HQ), finishing at the Bay Street Esplanade (21.1 KM/13.1 miles).

Medical/Aid Stations

Kindly note that as per normal for races of this type, Ufukuzo will again deploy an ambulance for the duration of the event.
The availability/location of aid stations will depend on the number of available volunteers. Prepare to support yourself.

Entry Fee

Ufukuzo has already invested some $730.22 on materials and shirts for the first 20 persons who expressed an interest in participating back in January 2014 when we made the first announcement. We will publish the race fee after the quotation for the shirt logo artwork/printing and the ambulance charges which from the past, has had a price tag of $600.00 minimum. From above, you should get an idea of the cost of production of the event and an idea of the race entry fee.
For races of this type, Ufukuzo does appeal for sponsorship outside of our members and associates. A typical sponsor will want, naturally, maximum exposure for his/her contribution. This would tend to push the event into the public domain. We will not make it a "wide-open-event" at this stage as it may attract enthusiasts not yet ready for such a rigorous undertaking. The race calendar has an adequate number (25+ races) of 5 Km, 7 Km and 10 Km length for person not yet ready for endurance events.


Kindly return the completed registration form by Monday 31st March, 2014 before which we will firm-up the entry fee.
Click here for the registration form.
Contact Eric Clarke for details: eec@caribsurf.com

Elevation Chart

Map 1: Bathsheba to Horse Hill


Map 2: Horse Hill to Groves Corner


Map 3: Groves Corner to Hothersal T.


Map 4: Hothersal T. to Martindales Rd


Map 5: Martindales Rd. to Esplanade