My Lords Hill 5K 2012 Results

Here are the results as provided by the race organizers:

Final result in the women race.
1st Sheeree  Garret              23.35
2nd Ingrid Burrowes           25.00
3rd Kelisha Oxley               28.59    
4th Shaquana Scott             32.12

Out side of community
1st Shani Adams              21.06
2nd Carlie Pipe                21.16
3rd Jade Sealers               22.12

Final result in the men’s race.
1st Tyrell Mc.Collin              20.17
2nd Ernest Beckles                 22.21
3rd Damien Quarless             24.42
4th David Oxley                    25.54  

Outside of community
1st Jerome Blackett              17.19
2nd Rashid Blackman           17.25
3rd Mark Greenidge              17.35

Youngest  Male  
Tre Waldon 8 years old in community                      40.13
Puis Emillien  16 years old  outside of community   21. 43 

Youngest Female
Donesha  Small 8 years old in the community             44.23
Tiarra Parris 12 years old outside of community         32.42
Oldest overall
Brenda Farley          ??.?? No time found for her.

Over 40
Male: Michael Harper       ??.?? No time  found
Female: Donna Gibbs           24.19

0ver  50
Male: Everest Harrison      24.41
Female: Lidia Luther             27.41