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posted Oct 29, 2010, 10:25 AM by Ralf Luther   [ updated Oct 29, 2010, 10:27 AM by Unknown user ]

This year, the BTA has contracted Jerry Friesen (a Canadian race director who has competed in more than 70 major marathons, been to Barbados several times, ran Run Barbados in the past and also organizes the annual Cruise to Run) as the Race Director.

The appointment was only made in early August and while Jerry would like to introduce several changes to make the event more attractive to visitors and local runners alike, there is not much time left to organize everything and great reluctance at the BTA to change too many things too soon.

There was going to be an official press launch this morning, but due to the passing of the late Prime Minister it has been postponed until further notice.
Here are some of the changes/additions for 2010:
- The website is gradually being updated. This will include new maps of the route.

- There will be a 5km race on Sunday morning, starting after the Half Marathon start, to attract more people to the finish line when the half and marathoners come in.

- For the Marathon and Half Marathon, the plan is to have water every 2 km, Powerade every 4 km, and bananas and oranges at 10, 18, 24 and 32 km

- Bart Yasso, Chief Running Officer of Runner's World will be the special guest and will give a talk/presentation on the Power of Running on Friday evening before the Midnight Mile

- Online registration is open. While it will work our more expensive to register through the Canadian website, it reduces the risk of somebody at the BTA incorrectly copying your information and runners' results ending up in the wrong event, age group or gender.

- There is a significant discount for
a) registering
BEFORE NOVEMBER 1, 2010 (and the again before December 1)
b) registering for the BARBADOS CHALLENGE

Barbados Challenge:

Run three of the following  events and receive a special commemorative medal - 3 events and four medals!

Gold Medal – Run Midnight Mile Friday, the 10K Saturday and the Marathon Sunday

Silver Medal – Run Midnight Mile Friday, the 10K Saturday and the Half Marathon Sunday

Bronze Medal – Run Midnight Mile Friday, the 10K Saturday and the 5K Sunday

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Also check the Facebook page/profiles/groups for
Run Barbados
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Bart Yasso
Ufukuzo Barbados

Please pass this on to anybody who may have an interest in running or watching Run Barbados this year.