Holetown Festival 7K - update

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As per year 2010, in order to eliminate finish line errors and collate the results very quickly, an official will present THE RUNNERS with a card displaying a PRINTED NUMBER (examples below).
This card will show your FINISH POSITION.
Kindly hand the card to the official collecting the numbers and ensure that the official writes your RACE NUMBER (BIB NUMBER) on the said finish line card.
The presentation of the card will VERIFY that you crossed the finish line.
Please find below a document listing the location of the Kilometre Markers – set up as race a “count-down” - Start, 6 Km to go, ……1 Km to go, FINISH.






New Speightstown Roundabout

90 m north of new roundabout

6 Km to go

Road View (Texaco)


5 Km to go

Gibbs (Gibbs Bay Inn)


4 Km to go

Lower Carlton (Reed House)


3 Km  to go

The Garden (Cove Springs House)


2 Km to go

Royal Pavilion


1 Km  to go

Folkstone (Bellairs)



Holetown (Independence Drive)

Between Texaco Gas Station & Mall

We look for your satisfied race experience.

Eric E. Clarke 
For Jim Wedderburn, Race Director
Holetown Festival 7 Km Road Race 2011
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Feb 17, 2011, 6:23 AM
Unknown user,
Feb 17, 2011, 6:23 AM