UM50K 2010

FIRST Ufukuzo Midnight 50K Ultramarathon

22 August 2010

Objectives of this Inaugural Ufukuzo Midnight 50km Ultramarathon
- To provide a local alternative to the ever more popular endurance events held in other countries.
- To promote local long distance road racing in Barbados with a view to increasing local participation in the Run Barbados series.
- To explore the viability of holding this or similar long distance road races in Barbados in the future.

The Route 
This exploratory road run starts at Pier Head (near Independence Arch), Bridgetown and takes the following route:
Wharf Road, Parry Street, Mc Greggor Street, Broad Street, White Park, Bank Hall, Waterford, Green Hill (5 Km), Warr
ens, Ronald Mapp Highway (Highway 2A) through Bennetts (10 Km), Westmoreland jn (15 Km), White Hall (20 Km),  Mile & Quarter, Rose Hill (21.1 Km, half marathon distance) Alleynedale, St. Lucy Church Roundabout, Benthams, (25 Km) Barrows, Colleton, Six Mens, Heywoods, Speightstown (30 Km) Bypass Road, Highway 1 through Mt. Standfast (35 Km), Paynes Bay (40 Km), Prospect (42.2 Km, marathon distance), Black Rock (45 Km) to Eagle Hall, Barbarees Hill, Baxters Road, Broad Street, Charles Duncan O’neale Bridge, Probyn Street, to Bay Street Esplanade Finish (50 Km).

The Participants
Due to the exploratory
  nature of this run, we decided to limit the participation to a few experienced long distance runners (members and associates of Ufukuzo e.g. BDF athletes). In the future, we anticipate converting it to a formal event available to any one who meets certain minimum criteria, such as, having completed a recent marathon within a specified time frame at a given average race pace.

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Ufukuzo Midnight 50 - Results
1Richard Lewis4:30:50
2Winston Mascoll4:38:36
3Rodney Blackman4:41:09
4Ralf Luther4:47:16
5Joseph Clarke4:53:08
6Andre Procope5:26:57
7Eric Clarke5:47:27
8Paulina Valencia5:57:22
9Lizette Ward6:12:04
10David CraigwellDNF
Unknown user,
Jul 30, 2011, 3:51 PM
Unknown user,
Jul 30, 2011, 4:08 PM
Unknown user,
Jul 30, 2011, 4:12 PM
Unknown user,
Jul 30, 2011, 4:12 PM