UM50K 2012

THIRD Ufukuzo Midnight 50K Ultramarathon

26 August 2012

The Route (NEW in 2012)
Design Considerations
1. Same start location as per 2011: Bridgetown Independence Arch
2. Same finish location: Bay Street Esplanade
3. Bridgetown circuit at start
4. Reduced maximum elevation (from 138 metres to 80 metres above sea level - a significant advantage) - see terrain diagram here
5. Reduced road length without street lights from 15 Km to less than 5 Km
6. Re-used one significant segment (out & in-bound) – 16.5 Km Esplanade to Airport-Rock Hall
The Run
1. Run approx. 1.6 Km loop from the Bridgetown to Bay Street Esplanade (see Bridgetown loop map segment here)
2. Esplanade to Airport-Rock Hall via Oistins and Thornbury Hill (16.5 Km)
3. St. Philip loop (14.3 Km) - St. Martin, Crane, Union, Sterling, Six Roads, Mangrove, Oldbury (Casa Grande Hotel) (see St. Philip loop map here)
4. Rock Hall-Airport to Bay Street Esplanade via Thornbury Hill and Oistins (16.5 Km)
Approximate Location of 5Km splits:
5K - Regency Cove Hotel, Hastings, Christ Church
10K - Golden Sands Hotel, Welches Christ Church
15K - Pilgrim Road, Christ Church (near to Shell Gas station)
20K - Gemswick, Philip
21.1K (Half Marathon) – St. Martins, St. Philip
25 K - Crane Roundabout, St. Philip
30K - Six Roads Roundabout, St. Philip
32K (20 miles) - Oldbury, St. Philip
35K - Airport, Christ Church (in-bound)
40K - Thornbury Hill, Christ Church
42.2K (Marathon) - Welches Christ Church
45K – St. Lawrence (west of Divi South Winds Hotel), Christ Church
50 K (Finish) – Bay Street Esplanade

The Participants
Due to the 
nature of the run, participation is limited to a few experienced long distance runners.

Official Results
Place Name                                 Time
(hr:min:sec)   Gender   Affiliation
1        Joseph Clarke                     4:38:24                 M             Ufukuzo
2        Sarg. Rodney Blackman    4:40:38                 M             BDF
3        Ralf Luther                           4:57:40                  M             Ufukuzo
4        Leon Hazzard                      5:21:58                 M             Trinidad
5        Winston Mascoll                  5:43:51                 M             Ufukuzo
6        Andre Procope                   5:44:02                 M             Ufukuzo
7        Danielle Collins                   5:45:11                 F             Ufukuzo
8        Dawn Arriola                       6:16:41                 F             Ufukuzo/USA
9        Eric Clarke                          6:33:42                 M             Ufukuzo
10      Roger Collins                     6:40:12                  M             Ufukuzo