UM50K 2011 Instructions

Subject: Instructions for Sunday's Ufukuzo Midnight 50km

Date: August 14, 2011

Please be at Bay Street Esplanade (opposite Government office, start and finish of Run Barbados) no later than 23:00hrs (Saturday) for
- the final race briefing;
- collection of your Ufukuzo Midnight 50km shirt (runners only)
- an equipment check (see below);
- and to discuss with your driver and fellow runners your race strategy and drink/food requirements and preferences
At 23:30hrs the drivers will take their runners to the starting line (DacostaMannings Bridgetown, near the Bridge)
The run WILL start at 00:00hrs (Sunday)
Estimated Finish Time of the run: 04:00hrs to 07:00hrs (Sunday) Bay Street Esplanade

At this time, we have
- one vehicle for xxx
- one vehicle for xxx
- one vehicle for xxx
- one vehicle for xxx
- one vehicle for xxx

Maps showing the entire route and suggest stops will be given to each driver at the final race briefing. The drivers will also exchange mobile phone numbers.
If a runner is too fast or too slow for his group or vehicle, then the two drivers will need to co-ordinate the transfer of that runners bags (see below).

To ensure minimum interruption and inconvenience to other runner and drivers, every runner should have three bags/containers as follows:

Bag 1 (preferably a cooler): things you WILL need during the run
- sufficient water and sports drinks or other drinks of your choice
- Energy gels, bars, shots, salt,etc of your choice
- bananas and any other food of your choice
- Advil or other painkiller of your choice
- ice

Bag 2: things you MAY need during the run
- Vaseline or equivalent
- band aid or other blister reduction/prevention stuff
- toilet paper and wet wipe
- spare light and batteries
- spare socks, shirts, bras, shoes
- towel
- if possible, a complete first aid kit

Bag 3: things you will need AFTER the run (or if you drop out)
- large towel
- dry clothing for after the race, incl. hat and sun glasses
- food and drinks for after the race

These are the minimum requirements, add whatever else you need.
You may want to leave a beach chair or blanket in your car at the finish line for post-race relaxation.

Remember that to ensure everybody's safety, you will have to wear a reflective vest and light at all times during the race.

For further information, please click here.

For maps, please click here:

Please note that some of this information is still being updated.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please call Eric (253-2030) or Ralf (231-0631) as soon as possible.