National Sports Council Community 5K Series 2012


The National Sports Council is commencing its 2012 Community Sports Programme opening with the Parish Road Races. The road races this year are in three zones, North, Central and South.

The North zone is comprised of the following parishes – St. Lucy, St. Peter, St. Andrew and St. Joseph.
Central zone – St. Michael North, St. James, St. Thomas and St. George. 
South zone – St. John, St. Philip, Christ Church and St. Michael south.

The first race will be held in the Central Zone on Sunday 23rd September 2012. It starts in Brighton (near the entrance to Weisers).
All races will start at 4:00pm.
Participants are asked to assemble at the start no later than 3:30pm for the purpose of registration.
There is no registration fee.

The dates and routes are as follows:

Central Zone- Sunday 23rd September 2012: (St. Michael North, St. George, St. James and St. Thomas)
Starts at Brandons near entrance to Weisers travels north –right on Brighton onto Spring garden Highway-north to junction of Spring Garden Road (by SBI)-turn180° and head south on highway to junction with Westbury New Road-turn 180° head back to Brighton and back to start point.
Results - Photos

North Zone Sunday 30th September 2012: (St. Lucy, St. Peter, St. Andrew and St. Joseph)
Starts at the Esplanade in Speightstown -Queen Street - Roundabout - By-pass Road - Round-the-Town – By-pass Road –turn around Port St. Charles Bridge – Sand Street – back to the Esplanade.
Results - Photos

South Zone Sunday 7th October 2012: (St. Michael South, Christ Church, St. Philip and St. John)
Starts in front of Chefette Restaurant at Six Roads continues to Four Roads-Mangrove-Four Roads –Emerald City Park West-Princess Margaret School Driveway

Finals Sunday 25th November 2012
Starts at Co-Operators General Insurance Company Building in Wildey, St. Michael.

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For further information you may contact Wayne Robinson at the following numbers: 430-7718(w) / 836-9043(c).